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A Lifetime of Creativity

My services include photography, graphic design, and videography. Formerly known as Sara Easter Photography, my photography services are the most popular! They include weddings + engagements, seniors, music, commercial, fashion, families, and whatever idea you have! I’m still dipping my toes into the worlds of graphic design and videography so those services vary.


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Kind Words

Deciding to apply for the senior model team was one of the best decisions I ever made. I highly encourage upcoming seniors to apply for this incredible experience with such a talented photographer so that they, too, can create new memories, friendships, and a sense of confidence just like I did.
— Brooke Bates
Doing the Senior Model Adventure was the best decision I could have made! The other girls and I made lasting friendships, as well as Sara and I! It was a great experience and I definitely wish it wouldn’t have come to an end so quickly!
— Jessie Morgeson
It was such an amazing experience to be able to take senior pictures with my friends. It was really cool because I could use my own idea for pictures. We had many laughs and I made great memories with great people.”
— Makayla Sims



I've always been an artistic person. Creating is one of my favorite things to do. Because of this, I have a deep side to me. I feel as though my creative services tell a story. I love art that makes you feel something, and I strive to do just that with your photos, videos, and graphics therefore I try to make everything as unique as possible you.

About Me

Meet Me

Hey, my name’s Sara! Nice to meet you! I’m a photographer from central Illinois and I attend college at Olivet Nazarene University in the suburbs of Chicago. Growing up, I always had a camera in my hands. It wasn't until almost four years ago that I started taking it seriously and that's when Bad Love Creative Co was born. I’m a proud enneagram 4 and coffee junkie. In my free time, I love watching Queer Eye, cuddling with my four cats, and going to Cubs games. I’m passionate about sunflowers, music, One Tree Hill, equal human rights, and my Huffelpuff pride! I’m located in both central IL and Chicagoland, and I’m available for travel and tour.

Photo Courtesy of Cody Nieset

Photo Courtesy of Cody Nieset