Back to the Basics

Long time, no talk! Life has been crazy busy. I'm back at Olivet study marketing and working in the office of marketing as a photographer (which has been a dream and made me switch my major to marketing). Because of school, I haven't had much time to do photography, but I'd really like that to change. Recently, I was talking with some couples who had set up shoots that I was super excited for. When the time had come, I followed up before the day and they both said they couldn't fit it in their budget. Heartbroken, I started to type my usual response of, "It's okay! Message me when you're ready!" but then, it hit me and I immediately erased what I was typing. I remember when I started my business, my main goal was to offer prices everyone could afford. I wanted everyone to have photos, not just those who could afford it. I feel as though I haven't let the ways of business + the photography community get to me throughout these past three years. Charging what you're worth is understandable, but I don't necessarily want to do that anymore because I know my worth without a price tag. So I'm starting a new thing that all of the photography community is going to cringe at. Pay what you can. My business is rooted in my faith. After all, it isn't even my business, it's God's. He gave it to me + I am just a steward of His money. Therefore, I am here to serve all, not just those who can afford it. My business is not about the money, it's about community + creating long lasting friendships with my clients. There is more to photography than just money. It's about creating art, making people fall in love with themselves, + celebrating the good times in life. So let's celebrate together.

Sara Easter