Happy Birthday SEP // Germany Trip

Today is a special day because it's SEP's 3rd birthday! Three years ago I did my first official photoshoot ever and it's been quite the journey since then. I want to thank everyone who has supported me, spread my business to others, and booked shoots throughout the past three years! I would be nothing without you guys. I'm so excited to see what's to come. 

I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to announce my new campaign! I have (un)officially announced on my social media that I will be making a trip to Germany this winter to visit my sweet friend, Sophie Fiebig. Sophie and I met about two years ago when she was a foreign exchange student at my school. We did drama and cheer together, and I had the privilege of graduating high school right by her side! She lives in Berlin, so at the end of this semester, I will be boarding my first ever international flight and going to see her. While in Germany, we plan on country hopping (London, Paris, and Amsterdam to be exact), exploring cool places in the city of Berlin, and adventuring to castles. I also plan on doing missions work and shooting around the city while she's in school. I am so excited for this opportunity, as I have always had the travel bug, but have never been able to travel. I plan on updating my blog as much as possible and filling my memory cards and rolls of film with every adventure we take. Because of this trip, I will be taking ALL the money I get from EVERY photoshoot done between now (August 5th) and when I leave in December and putting it in this jar for my Germany trip. Now more than ever, is when I want people to book sessions. I'm up for anything in the central Illinois and Chicagoland areas. I can do seniors or regular portraits, engagement shoots or regular couple portraits, weddings, family, maternity, dance, businesses, etc. Please come to me with your ideas! I would love to chat and document your life. Feel free to message me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or email me at saraeasterphotography@gmail.com. I'll also be selling two huge bags full of clothes. All of the money made from that will go towards my trip. I would appreciate it so much if you would help me find those clothes a new home! Visit shopsarasclosetx on Instagram to shop. Last, I hope to start selling prints of concert photos. Stay tuned for that announcement! Thank you SO much for a wonderful three years. God has blessed me so much with this business and my clients.

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Sara Easter