The River Coffee Co, Speakeasy Records & Oddities, Tried and True, and Antique Shop Fundraiser

As many of you know, on April 1st at 1:30 in the morning, DFP got a devastating call. The building that housed the River Coffee Company, Speakeasy Records & Oddities, Tried and True, and an antique shop had burned to the ground. Over the past year, this building became a safe place for many. The graceful business owners did many things for the community such as host worship nights, local shows, and art shows.

For me, this building changed my life. I spent many, many hours sitting in The River editing photos, doing homework, worshipping, and talking about Jesus, as well as meeting many friends and growing closer to others. I bought records and did shoots in Speakeasy. I talked to a friend’s dad while he was getting a tattoo in Tried and True. It very quickly became my home and was the place I felt most creative. One person worded it perfectly in a comment on Facebook, it feels like losing a friend.

Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of using the creative talents God has given me to shoot numerous things in this building. Some of which include photos of the shops, band promos, local shows, portraits, and worship nights. Because this building was more than just a building for the Decatur community, I knew I couldn’t keep these photos hidden away on my hard drive for only me to see. I knew I needed to use them for good and give them to people who would cherish them… which brought me to this idea. I will be selling prints and digitals of the photos I have gotten throughout the year that these businesses were open. All of the proceeds will go to the business owners to cover costs while they are not working, as well as any costs insurance will not cover. What most people aren’t realizing (totally not their fault, the articles didn’t mention this), is that there was still artwork in the top floor from the art show that took place on Friday, March 29th. The artists lost their work, and as an artist, I could only imagine how devastating that must be. The proceeds from this fundraiser will also go to each artist, as well as the artwork done by Jessica Sebok that was in the River.

Prices are as follows:

  • Photo prints

    • 4x6 // $10

    • 5x7 // $15

  • Canvas prints

    • 8x10 // $80

    • 16x16 // $104

  • Digitals

    • $5 per photo

I tried to keep these prices as low as possible while still getting good quality photos and making enough profit to give back to the owners and artists. Please email me (do not message me, I’d rather this go strictly through email) at with screenshot(s) of the photo(s) you would like and what size and form (canvas, print, digital) you would like. I will respond with further instructions on how to pay and then I will place a mass order once I have enough requests!

If you would not like to purchase any photos, you can donate to the Gofundme here.

I hope you will find it on your heart to help this building and each of these businesses live on by purchasing photos while also helping out the business owners and artists affected by this. Though we experienced a great loss today, God is working in the midst of this. He is oh so good.

To view the photos, click on this link and look through the tabs on the page:

Sara Easter