Abbie + Aaron // The River Coffee Co // 3.30.19

I had the pleasure of taking photos of Abbie + Aaron Moma hard at work on Saturday morning at the River Coffee Co. Most know by now, but the building that housed the River, Speakeasy Records & Oddities, and Tried & True burned down to the ground Sunday night. I’m thankful that God moved Abbie to reach out to me about photos and I just happened to be coming back home from school that weekend (I almost wasn’t going to go). This photoshoot and tragic event made me realize just how valuable photos are and how important they can be to someone. Being the last person to do a photoshoot in the River is a big honor, especially because it highlights the hard working, faithful owners. It tells the story of how they created something that was more than just a coffee shop, it was a life changing space with life and the Holy Spirit flowing through it. I hope you enjoy these photos!

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Sara Easter