Josie // Senior Model Team // Class of 2019

The time has come... senior model team announcements for the class of 2019!

Meet Josie. She attends Taylorville High School in Taylorville, IL. She participates girls soccer, as well as Madrigals, band, percussion ensemble, and pit band for the musical. She enjoys playing her ukulele, listening to music, sleeping, trying to get her cat to love her (HIGHLY relatable), and playing percussion. Her music taste consists of Blackbear, Russ, Drake, J. Cole, Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino, Blink-182, Khalid, 90’s alternative / 90’s rock, and classical music. As of right now, she plans on attending LLCC Taylorville to achieve her associates and then transfering to a university to pursue her dream of being an orthopedic surgeon.

I'm excited to capture your senior year, Josie!

Sara Easter