travel photographer located in Illinois

Photography Collection


Couples Collection


You've written your story... now it's time to tell it to the world! Whether you’re looking for a photographer to document your wedding or engagement, or you just want to capture memories with your significant other, we do it all here!

Senior Adventure

It’s time to celebrate one of the most important milestones in your life! Each session tells the story of how far you’ve made it and is completely unique to you.


Family collection


Let’s make memories together and document your growing family.

Music Collection

Throughout the years, I have shot in various different locations, everything from arenas to DIY venues to basements. I have worked with a wide variety of artists, and have worked with multiple publications. My services are adjustable to what you need!


Fashion Collection


Styled portraits have become a favorite of mine and each session is different which I love! If you’re a local clothing business looking to work together, this is the spot for you!

Commercial Collection


God has put it on my heart to serve my city. I've always been passionate about small businesses, especially local. I feel as though they're the backbone to any city - what keeps it unique and special.

Boudoir Collection


Empowering women to love themselves.


Graphic Design Collection



No business is the same - that’s why I immerse myself in all things regarding your business. I want the logo to scream you!



Bad Love Creative Co offers a variety graphic design services to the music industry.



Merch is important to any business or public figure. similar to my logo services, I want to tell your story through your merch.

Video Collection

Photo courtesy of Meg Kettlekamp

Photo courtesy of Meg Kettlekamp


A new adventure…

I am now venturing into the video world! I’m mainly focusing on recap videos. Click the link to see my work!